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 Chicken and horse

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Chicken and horse Empty
MensagemAssunto: Chicken and horse   Chicken and horse EmptySeg 26 Fev - 15:56

A chicken and horse are walking across a feild together when the horse falls into a deep hole.

" help help" shouts the horse

" don't worry " says the chicken , and runs of and comes back with the farmers sports car , he ties a rope around the bumper and throws the other end down to the horse , " hold on to this and i will pull you out".

the chicken jumps in the car and drives foward pulling the horse out of the hole .

next day the two of them are walking across another feild when the chicken falls into a deep hole , " bugger" says the chicken , "go and get the farmers sports car again "

the horse looks down and says "don't worry chicken , grab hold of this"
and lowers his penis down the hole , the chicken grabs hold and the horse steps back pulling the chicken out of the hole.

The moral of this story is you don't need a sports car to pull chicks if you have got a big cock.

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Chicken and horse
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