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 Bubba and the Boss

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Bubba and the Boss Empty
MensagemAssunto: Bubba and the Boss   Bubba and the Boss EmptyDom 18 Mar - 13:45

Bubba and the Boss

One day at the office Bubba's boss noticed him taking personal calls all day. This continued for several weeks. So the boss went up to Bubba and said "why do u always take personal calls. It is against polisy to take more than2 calls a day!" Bubba replied" well i know everybody in the world." now the boss is skeptical and demands that Bubba prove it or less he will be fired. First Bubba went to the white house and the guard said Howdy bBubba I haven't seen u since college. Then Bubba goes to see President Bush And Bush says "Hey Bubba u haven't changed a damn bit sice boot camp." Bubba's boss is now dumbfounded. Anyway next they go to the Vatican. While Bubba wandered off the boss was waiting forthe popes sermon. A few minutes later the Pope comes out with (you guessed it) Bubba. When somebody behind the boss asked hi "who is that with Bubba?" needles to say the boss fainted.

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Bubba and the Boss
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